Master Class in Edibles – Making Cannoli Cups

We took a Master Class in edibles with Chief Confectioner and Owner of Mellows, Stephanie Hua. Stephanie is the author of the cannabis cookbook, Edibles, Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen. She shared two different formulas for calculating dosage, how to make your Master Infusion with coconut oil or butter, and the importance of decarbing the cannabis material to be used in the infusion but not overdoing it to the point where you’ve transformed the THCA into the soporific CBN.

We made the original recording with an iPad which turned out to be a poor choice. Our sound quality was horrible so we’ve added subtitles. Anyone who can never understand Frenchy will love this!

For your reference, the discussion on how to calculate dosage starts at 33:34 minute mark.

Frenchy also shares his updated Guizoz recipe 2.0 Double Chocolate. It starts around the 38-minute mark.

Guaranteed 100% Ouh La La!!!

If you make your own Cannoli Cups we’d love to see photos of the creative decorations!


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