Essential Oil Dangers-What You Need to Know Before You Start Using Essential Oils!

There are a few essential oil dangers or safety tips you should know before you start using essential oils. See my website for detailed information on essential oils and purchase them for 25% off retail:

Essential oils are very concentrated. One drop is all that is necessary for many uses. It’s a very good idea to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil-especially the first time you try an essential oil. Test in an inconscipuous area to determine if you have any skin sensitivities.

Adults dilute at a ratio of 1-5 drops of essential oils per 5ml of carrier oil.

Roller bottles are very helpful for diluting. Most adults use 5-10 drops in a 10 ml roller bottle and the rest of the way is filled with a carrier oil. 10-20 drops are used in the 10 ml bottle for aches and pains etc. These are the roller bottles I use:

Fractionated coconut oil:

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