How to Make Cannabis Butter From Bud

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How to Make Cannabis Butter From Bud

If you’re interested in the medical benefits of cannabis, but you’re turned off to the idea of inhaling it through smoking or vaping, then other consumption methods could be more up your alley. For example, you can eat cannabis, and there are countless recipes that walk you through the process of making infused cannabis butter or cannabis oil. Cannabutter or canna-oil can be added into all kinds of food, including snack dips, salads, pastas, sweet treats, and more. Although the effects won’t be felt as quickly from ingesting cannabis through food, this is a healthier alternative compared to other consumption methods.
When making homemade infused cannabis butter or cannabis oil, there are a few aspects you must be aware of. For starters, you must decide whether you want your infused cannabis butter or oil to be higher in CBD or THC content. From there, select a cannabis strain that has a higher CBD or THC percentage based on your preference. Once you chose your desired strain, you must extract oil from it and infuse it into butter or oil.
If you choose to use oil as your base, the most common ones include coconut, grape seed, avocado, and olive. After selecting the butter or oil, you will then combine the CBD- or THC-rich plant material, (which can either consist of ground-up flower or leaf trim byproducts) with whichever form of butter or oil you chose. At this point, you’ll pour the plant material and butter or oil mixture into a sauce pan and expose it to low heat while simmering it for about 45 minutes. This slow-cooking/simmering process is important because it helps avoid vaporization of the plant material and the remaining cannabinoids.
After letting the mixture simmer for a while, the cannabis butter or oil should be completely infused. Then, you’ll want to strain the leftover plant material from the warm, simmered liquid. From here, let the liquid mixture cool off for a while so it can solidify. Once you go through all of these steps, you’ll be able to use your end product.
Some people prefer their infused cannabutter to be extra strong, especially if they use cannabis strictly for medical purposes. To that end, cannabis butter can be made from concentrates like wax and hash, but keep in mind that the end product will be very strong.
In addition, if you’re interested in making your own hash butter, make sure you start small and work your way up, since hash is extremely strong and hard-hitting. Also, make sure you measure everything out correctly and work with small dosages. When starting off, use four tablespoons of your choice of butter. Then, add one gram of organic decarboxylated hash into a sauce pan. You can also add in some garlic, red pepper flakes, and/or Italian herbs to give it more flavor, but this is optional.
Next, simmer the mixture of hash and butter on low-medium heat until the butter melts. Then, whisk all ingredients together until the hash melts into the butter, and cook this for about 20-30 minutes, until all of the hash gets dissolved into the butter. After following these steps, you will have created infused cannabis butter from a concentrate, which can then be used for many different purposes.

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