Learn how to properly build a sandwich! Don't stack your sammy like a rookie

Learn how to properly build a sandwich! Don’t stack your sammy like a rookie. 🥪🥪🥪🥪

2:00: TME News Update
Chris Fuselier, owner of Blake Street Tavern was quoted to say, “nightmare scenario”, in regards to the recent scale back to 25% capacity for restaurants and bars. Chris has more to say on Mondays TME News Update.

215: In The Kitchen
Tomorrow is #nationalsandwichday and we couldn’t think of a better sandwich artist than chef and butcher Justin Brunson. Being a self proclaimed “meat guy” and owner of Culture Meat and Cheese, and River Bear American Meats Justin is more than qualified to lay down some sandwich ideas that will surely make you rewind this video a few times. Plus, you’re about to be knee high in leftovers and it’s time to up your sandwich game!

230: Healthy Wellness
It’s time to approach wellness in a healthy sustainable way and we all need to be nurtured a little bit these days. Let’s kick off our new Healthy Wellness segment with the one and only Nurture – A Wellcare Marketplace in Denver that has over 60 vetted, independent beauty, wellness, fitness, cafe, and retail businesses, all under one roof! Kelly Campbell co-founder and Elizabeth Woodard the Culinary Director are in studio to help TME get well!

2:45: Booze in the News
Fun to say and delicious, Wibby Brewing is in the house! These Longmont suds slingers just brought home a Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal for their Volksbier Vienna in the American Amber Lager category. Meet the men behind the beer, Ryan Wibby and Ted Risk and watch them drink award winning beer and make you thirsty!


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