Joe Biden is now 'fed up' with Donald Trump over presidential concession

Joe Biden is now “fed up” with the fact Donald Trump has failed to concede defeat following the US presidential election says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

President-elect Joe Biden is powering ahead with his transition to power – blasting Donald Trump’s refusal to concede defeat as being “an embarrassment”.

Mr Bolt said Donald Trump still claims he has been cheated out of a win.

“Now, while I think Trump has lost, I do not challenge his right to fight election fraud,” Mr Bolt said.

“And I think it’s an obligation to have clean elections”.

Mr Bolt said many of the media outlets in America are “acting like they don’t care about fraud”.

“And they will shut up anyone simply trying to discuss it,” he said.

“It’s like they’re frightened of what people might find if they looked closer.”

Mr Bolt said there remains another problem for US president Donald Trump which is “there’s going to be examples of voter fraud, but will it be enough to change the result in the states that Trump is losing, but needs to win to get enough Electoral College votes”.


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