REPLAY The 5 Leading Causes of Cancer in Dogs and the Steps you can Take to Keep your Dog Healthy

As we explore this month’s topic of disease prevention, we are honored to have one of our fellow members, Dr. Judy Jasek with us to share her expertise. In order to eliminate cancer, we must address what causes it in the first place….

Dr. Judy Jasek is a holistic veterinarian who’s specialty is in caring for cancer patients. Using the knowledge gained in her 30+ years of practicing, Dr. Jasek has developed a unique whole-body approach to both treating and preventing disease. She looks at the whole animal, and supports the natural healing ability of the body with proper nutrition, detoxification, and eliminating the underlying causes of disease. She then uses tools such as ozone, herbs, cbd, essential oils, and whole food supplements to optimize the health of the body and help it to eliminate the disease.

Her personal pets and teachers are Wylie and C-Jay, two Chihuahuas who are always in her shadow.

Join us and learn from Dr. Jasek on what are not only the leading causes of cancer in dogs, but what steps you can take to keep your dog healthy and help them to live a longer, stronger life.


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