CBD For Dogs – A Holistic Approach – Worked for My Dog

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CBD for Dogs – A Holistic Approach
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CBD OIL for Dogs

Is it SAFE?

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Research and Info Provided by a Holistic VET

With a growing list of potential health benefits and no known side effects, CBD is gaining in popularity among US consumers and their pets. While the research is more robust for humans, promising results are starting to come in for the use of CBD in treating ailments of cats and dogs.

With CBD products for pets easily available online from companies; more and more pet parents are finding they have questions about CBD.

CBD Oil for Dogs?
A recent Cornell University study found that once the right dosage is determined for a pet, cannabidiol can improve pain stemming from arthritis. In addition, some consumers have had success in using CBD oil for dogs to help relieve a variety of ailments. It was that sort of success that led me to try it on my own dog, Ruby.

Treatments have shown promise in arthritis, anxiety, seizures, as well as pain/cancer relief.

My trial and success story saw its effects firsthand in my Great Dane Ruby, who was a rescue at around age 3. Now 8 years old, Ruby is healthy and thriving, but that wasn’t always the case.
From the time of the rescue and a few years after…she suffered from great anxiety due to the condition in which she was raised and found.
In her efforts to treat this condition, my wife and I decided to try CBD. A month later, Ruby’s anxiety had stopped, and her health and quality of life was on the upswing.
Having seen the impact that it had for my pup, I decided to try to share this message and started working to bring CBD to more pet owners.


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