CBD for Pets | Do Pets Love The Taste Of CBD?

Learn More about CBD THC FREE and how the whole family can use it.
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Product Description
M.D. THC-Free CBD 500mg: Our potent THC-Free full spectrum oil is sourced only from the finest American farms and delivers our powerful proprietary CBD in pharmaceutical grade MCT oil. Ultra-refined and measuring zero detectable THC, our THC-Free line is specially formulated to supply the full benefits of CBD without THC. Designed for increased bioavailability, our products provide maximum benefit, and our 500mg bottle is the best quality product on the market today. Manufactured in our GMP certified facilities, you get consistency you can count on with our M.D. CBD 500mg.
Product Highlights:
• THC-Free
• 500mg Full Spectrum THC-Free CBD Extract
• Pesticide/Heavy Metals Free
• Pharmaceutical Grade MCT Oil
• Increased Bio-availability
• GMP Certified Consistency
• 30 Day Supply
• 500mg Full Spectrum THC-Free CBD Extract
• Pharmaceutical Grade MCT Oil
• Mint Extract

➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ : http://whatevercallme.com/CBD


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