The Day In The Life Of The C B D Warrior

My name is James Smith and I want to introduce myself to you. I am a husband, father, and a retired U.S. Army soldier. Since I retired I have been on a journey to rediscover who I am which is something I think is most of us vets do. On my journey I have met so many interesting people and it is because of one of these people that it finally clicked for me. I am the CBD WARRIOR!!

I was introduced to Hemp CBD products almost one year ago and after my primary care provider told me I should look into them for relief. As you can imagine, every morning my body reminds me I spent over 20 years in the military. Well, I began to research and found this amazing product that has helped me tremendously!

I am hoping that this video shows you a glimpse of who I am but most importantly that it begins a dialogue with me if you can relate to my story. Oh, one last thing; I think we will ALL agree that I have AMAZING taste in music!!

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