How to Recover From Mold Exposure? – Fast, Easy & Natural

What can you do after being exposed to toxic mold or when dealing with mold sensitivity?

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Peggy discusses the best treatment options, which foods to eat, and which to avoid when healing from mold exposure and which supplements are necessary to support your body deal with the mold spores best.

This video is about mold allergy, toxic mold exposure, and mold sensitivities. Have been told that you have a mold allergy, or know you react sensitively to mold exposure?
Maybe you’ve been exposed to black mold in your office or lived with toxic mold in your apartment without even knowing it and you’re now facing issues like fatigue, blocked sinus, dizziness, headaches, concentration problems, numbness, pain, anxiety, depression, or other neurological symptoms. Then this video is for you.

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