Super 300 Questions Day-8 SSC CGL 2019 Mains by RaMo Sir | Full Class

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RaMo Sir, Founder of Examo, prepares candidates for various competitive exams. He is 99.99%iler in CAT. With his approach to the fundamentals of the exam syllabus and quick and easy problem-solving techniques, he provides conceptual clarity and clears the doubts of millions of students across India.

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📅 ⏰ = LIVE CLASS SCHEDULE (Mon – Fri) = ⏰ 📆
5:00 AM – Daily Current Affairs by Rahul Mishra Sir
07:00 AM – Reasoning by Rahul Mishra Sir
08:00 AM – The Hindu Editorial by Srikant Sir
09:00 AM – Maths by Ashish Sir
10:00 AM – English by Pooja Ma’am
11:00 AM – GS by Roopa Ma’am
5:00 PM – Word Power made Easy by Sonu Tyagi Sir
6:00 PM – English by Sonu Tyagi Sir
07:00 PM – Maths by RAMO Sir
9:00 PM – Reasoning by Rahul Mishra Sir

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SSC CGL Mains 50 Best Questions Average Mixture and Alligation Part 2

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