Overview What is CBD Oil

Information and news on CBD is everywhere! But many of the references to CBD you’ll find will be about CBD derived from marijuana (a.k.a cannabis)…We’re working to educate others that a CBD rich plant, HEMP, is an extremely positive option that does not contain the psychotropic compound THC. You can give it to your loved ones (kids, elderly, etc.) without the harmful side effects found in THC in marijuana. And because hemp is now legal in all 50 states, you do not need a medical card to get it.

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From our experience, finding a quality hemp oil is the biggest challenge. Hemp is by nature an extremely rugged plant and does not need pesticides. HOWEVER, it does attract heavy metals and molds from the soil its grown in. Critically important that those are removed in the manufacturing process. Prime My Body removes all these impurities, bringing you the most pure hemp extract on the market today.

Secondly, you are what you ABSORB! Prime My Body’s documented laboratory results show a 90-95% absorption into the body due to the nano-emulsified, liposomal delivery system. Truly unique in the market you’ll get more CBD absorbed into your body for every mL of this product you take. This is THE most effective and cost effective hemp oil on the market. Excited to share it with you and answer any questions you might have!


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