Results from using infused oil by using Levo 2

SugarGirlz is cooking with infused oil and flower that has been dried. decarboxylated (activated ) and infused.
Chicken breast cut into small chucks initially seasoned with garlic powder, paprika, Himalayan pink salt. This marinated for two days in a sealed container.
Flower that had been used to infuse oil and that sat out in a container (in attempt to dry it out) for 5 days. ( Not certain why I didn’t decide to place in the freezer).
I grounded the flower more with my fingers to make it fine, and then it was sprinkled on the seasoned cut up chicken breasts.
The oil was vegetable oil was infused with CBD ( I’ve only tried this twice, I don’t like the taste of the unrefined coconut oil, don’t like coconut at all).
Total cannabinoids; 21.64%,
Total CBD; 17.97%
Total THC Delta 9; 0.0038%
Total THC Delta 8; 0.0038%
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