C-60: The Miracle Molecule for Biohacking Pets, Hair Loss, EMF, & Cancer W/ Ian Mitchell #300

Ian Mitchell is an absolutely brilliant researcher and quite the mad scientist, but he’s also very spiritually minded—one of those rare humans who combines spiritual and scientific wisdom into one kick-ass package.

Ian is a leading researcher of Carbon 60 and holds many new patents in the space. He is working toward bringing quantum medicine to the forefront and using nano-particles and many other modalities to enhance peoples and pets lifespans and, more importantly, their health spans.

This is a monster of an episode where we talk about some of the most cutting-edge health breakthroughs of our time—and of the very near future.

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10:20 —Why Ian is considered a “mad scientist” and his background with C60

The things Ian works on are very different from traditional scientists Working on whatever is going to move humanity as a whole Studying chemistry and jazz performance Getting his fingers wet and dabbling in different things

13:52 —Running clinical trials on C60

Beginning to patent C60 Taking it personally since 2012 Starting with the end in mind Adding supplements while eliminating inefficiencies The Hindu agni ceremony

19:47 —The benefits of C60 on the body

The net positive effect of C60 is mitochondrial function The C60 bonding with lipids, oils, etc. C60 raising rats’ lifespan by 90% The synergy of C60 and CoQ10 with PQQ Anti-inflammation and reducing oxidative stress The EMF shielding side-effect of C60

34:30 —Reducing radiation and blue light exposure for optimal health

Luke’s story of EMF sickness Our biology goes into opposition to where our future is headed How frequencies affect our bodies and go completely untested Things you can do to reduce EMF stress There is transference of information between photons 2.4GHz or 5GHz signals on your WiFi router Why bluetooth headphones aren’t a great idea for you

47:24 —Taking C60 with olive oil and other ingredients

Any downsides to consuming lots of olive oil? The beneficials of polyphenols Lipophorin, serapeptidis, and more in C60.

50:40 —Nootropics stacks and the effects of nicotine in small and large doses

CBD, Nicotine, caffeine, and methylene blue as a nootropics combo Researching nootropic stacks The power of nicotine in small doses How nicotine becomes poisonous and even lethal in large doses The biological effect of CBD and THC Kratom and CBD

01:17:37 —The serapeptes enzyme and the benefits of it

Dissolving scar tissue How it works in your body Bolstering while removing damage L-carnosine and CoQ10 and the huge benefits to your brain

01:25:48 —Cutting out the BS from the real deal when it comes to C60

Such a small difference between 99.5% and 99.99% biologically Thinking about the process Some companies selling just amorphous carbon Getting the pricing down to an approachable level The different ways to make the molecule

01:52:00 —Biohacking animals

Starting on deuterium-depleted water Deuterium testing Massive energy levels on C60 Finding ways to give animals the benefits of C60 EMF and the effects on bees, and the “cosmic trigger” of that

01:58:51 —Is COV!D alive?

The people affected being nodes on a mesh network Taking over the mitochondria Communicating via pulses of light Assessing the consciousness of smaller or larger scale beings We are part of a much larger system The wave of pandemics Pulling the thread on crazy ideas

02:05:45 —Preventing hair loss

Understanding the mechanism and regrowing his hair Letting your hair do its job: growing hair Irrigating the cells with microperforations Dave Asprey’s “Super Secret Ninja Hair Formula” Red light and PRP therapy

02:15:58 —Three teachers or teachings that Ian recommends

Meditation and biofeedback therapy Dr. Morguelan Energy for Success “The Razor’s Edge” by W. Somerset Maugham John Gray on relationship advice

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