Cannabis Infused Gummies (ABX) 100% “VEGAN”

18+! Years of age with MMJ Prescription and or Adults 21+ years of age and up can Now Consume CANNABIS.

(Must be 18+ to watch)

View Discretion is advised.

Here we have the Passion Fruit Haze Cannabis infused gummies, First look 👀 most of the time you can’t see the package before you buy. Well you’ve come to the right channel anything new I will get and open for my D’s on YouTube. I have done a couple of first looks and people love em. So I’m gonna keep delivering.

These Passion Fruit Gummies are Made with Real Fruit Purée with 100% all natural ingredients making it a “VEGAN” friendly product this is a Small limited batch. So go out to your local dispensary and grab some before they run out…

Peace & Pot ✌️😎


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