Dope Sex With Ashley Manta (part 2 of 3)


With the new year off to a rocky start, we could all do with some tips on how to relax more in 2021. This episode, author and sex coach Ashely Manta joins Brit to talk about her new book with Merry Jane; “The CBD Solution: Sex.” Ashley’s book is all about how cannabis can enhance our sex lives, whether that’s solo or partnered, how it can help us reframe our thoughts about our bodies and shame, and how it can help us reconnect with ourselves and our partners. Trigger warning: Brit and Ashley also discuss how CBD and THC can help sexual trauma survivors like them. Find us on social media @differentleaf @different_leaf @britthebritish, and find issues of Different Leaf the cannabis magazine at Produced by Andrea Muraskin and Brit Smith, Music by Homebody.


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