Stoned Snack Crate Tasting (Israel Box)

Stoned Snack Crate Tasting (Israel Box)

This week our weed warriors try out a snack crate from Israel. This weeks episode is also the first try out of our “Fun Facts” which are all about Israel today! We break open the snack crate to beat the munchies into submission.

We live in Colorado where marijuana is legal! Leave a comment to tell us what strands you think we should try, what gadgets and gizmos we should be looking out for and also give us some ideas of what you want us to look at or talk about in the show. Look out for live streams and new videos, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe buttons (Don’t keep this show to yourself, please tell anyone who will listen).

What strands should we try?
What gadgets and gizmos do you use?
What do you want to see on the show?
What is the most satisfying snack to curb those munchie moments?
Give us your experiences of weed. Good, Bad and downright hilarious!!!
What are the best dispensaries in your area, we especially are interested in the best Colorado has to offer for weed, edibles and everything flower related.
This channel is what happens when a Coloradoan and a Californian become best friends and share a love of weed, making clouds and all things cannabis related.

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