how to make wake and bake French toast

Hey couch fam got you something to make with your infused maple sizzurp!!!

This episode was a blast and it turned out so good especially with da live resin butter omg live resin butter is da shit! This French toast ended up being in da water park of 350mg of sweetest sweet you know what! 👽💨🛋

Da amount of love and support da show has been getting in 2021 is unreal thank you all so much from da bottom of my heart! One crazy example of someone going out of their way. My mfkin main manz Troy pulled up on da couch and gave us a flippim double blamma enail !!

Shit like that really blows me away but I just don’t vaule expensive ass items da same atm. CUZ IM NOT A BIG BALLA YET!! #2021goals

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Da one of a kind greenstar Halifax make sure to give them some luv and use da code codc for some savings

primitive exotics –

And also  papes canada were adventure  awaits

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Beats by Glenzell-


This episodes has a couple great episodes involved in it heres some links below

Live resin butter is made da same as rosin butter-

Infused maple sizzurp-

Thanks again everyone make sure to keep your head up and try and think for da best and not da worst.!


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