THE MOST POWERFUL CBD YOU CAN BUY! – Spagyric Extraction Explained

Sarvaa’s Advanced Spagyric extraction of CBD oil is a unique blend of leading-edge science and love-based herbalism that results in the most complete representation of the beneficial components of hemp flowers. Sarvaa Spagyric CBD begins with Organically Grown Hemp flowers, grown in fantastic soil. Next these beautiful flowers are placed into Organic alcohol at low temperatures (less than 140F) to extract the all the Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Chlorophyll in the exact ratios as found in the original hemp flowers. Then all the alcohol is distilled away to create the purest Organic Hemp Flower Oil that is Truly Full-Spectrum.
And here’s an exciting and completely unique feature:
All other extraction methods—including CO2 extraction—simply throw all the left-over plant material into the land fill. But this plant material is full of important minerals that must be included in the final CBD oil to ensure two things: 1. That all the minerals from the original flowers are included in the final product. 2. That by adding these minerals salts back into the concentrated CBD oil at this stage enables something absolutely unique to Spagyric CBD, i.e. Low Temp Decarboxylation!

By extracting all the mineral salts from the so called leftover material, and adding these essential minerals back into the CBD oil at the exact moment in the process, you achieve the necessary decarboxylation in the most natural way that does no damage to the all important cannabinoids and terpenes!

All other methods of making CBD involve heating the cannabinoids and terpenes at a minimum of 200 degrees F …and often up to 300 degrees… which seriously alters and harms the delicate cannabinoids and terpenes, and in turn nullifies the point of using CBD oil.

Using a basic principal from Organic Chemisty to elegantly use the plants natural minerals to decarboxylate the cannabinoids to make them much more bioavailable, Spagyric Extraction creates the only True Full Spectrum CBD extract! The extract includes all Terpenes, Chlorophyll, Cannabinoids, and Minerals present in the original Organic Hemp Flower, all in the same ratio as in plant form.

This creates a powerful Entourage Effect and makes the most Bio-Available CBD possible.

Sarvaa CBD is Spagyric Extracted and highly effective, especially for those who have found that they are normally too sensitive to use or consume CBD.

The use of any other extraction method creates an extract that is less bioavailable, less effective, and potentially toxic.

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