Cane Corso Socialization At Coffee Shop

Socialization should never end for your dog. They are living, breathing, thinking creatures just as you and I are. They need to get out and see they world and interact with others. It can do their mentals very good, keep them from getting depressed, keep them used to different sights and sounds…..the list can go on and on at why this is so important. This weekend we took advantage of the time and socialized our Cane Corso at Utica Coffee Roasters. We ended up not only going with our Cane Corso on Saturday but we returned Sunday as well with our Cane Corso and also our little Golden Retriever Nephew Norman. This was a perfect opportunity to get Norman in a public place especially since Bruce Wayne was with us. Norman was able to observe Bruce’s calm manner and followed suit quikly laying down on the floor and relaxing.

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