Jerry McGuire: CBD Health Benefits

This is a Free Livestream Podcast where Jerry McGuire will join me to discuss the health benefits of using CBD oil.
A bit about Jerry: I’ve been a produce truck broker for years.
Recently became a part time network marketing associate for the company Tranont. Tranont is a French word for change life or rapid change. Our mission is to change 1 billion lives for the better. We believe you can’t have wealth without health and vise versa.
Tranont is the only wealth and wealth education company out there.
All health products are whole food plant based, synthetic and GMO free including our whole flower fluid aqueous CBD.
Still with me!
I fell into network marketing after I was introduced to Suthe 100% organic CBD fluid. We are not a CBD oil. Suthe CBD fluid is an amazing product that changed my life.
For more information go to:
You can reach me at directly at
Podcast Host: Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson at Spiritual Alchemy Energy Transfigurations


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