Nerd Rope Cannabis Infused Edibles How to

Nerd Rope Cannabis Infused Edibles How to
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Today we are going to share a great recipe we found online in the Edibles Facebook group. Nerd Ropes. This was a super simple process and one of the best ways I have ever eaten cannabis where it was beyond good. I mean zero tase at all. This might not be for you diabetics out there but if you have a sweet tooth this will be right for you.

To make 10 1 foot long nerd ropes you need 3 to 4 boxes of nerds and a cup of gummies. infused oil of your choice and a few cooking utensils. double boiler or a large measuring cup and a microwave. a squeeze bottle that can easily be found at the dollar store and some tinfoil. lastly, you will also need some cooking spray to coat your tin foil.

We also gave it a go at trying to make some gummy worms we coated them in a mixture of icing sugar a half teaspoon of regular sugar and a 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid. I will say the gummy worms were a bit of a pain in the butt and I don’t think I would try them like that again. I would probably use disposable cups sprayed with cooking spray and coat them after they cooled.

I really hope you enjoyed the video.


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