Sat Night News Partay with Pirates!!! Borders, Epstein Rings, Corona's and More…

Welcome to a Saturday Night Pirate Partay Matey! Tonight we will be live streaming from deep within the heart of the New Wizard Order, as we deep dive various topics of interest to online pirates. First we will discuss Jack Dorsey the Wizard’s censorship, then we will discuss YouTube’s removal of the dislike Biden I mean button. Next up we discussed how Jet fuel must be atomized to ignite which debunks all the Nein Seven Eleven nonsense. We discussed how the powers that should not be are setting the stage for war between the USA and China. How Stacy Abrams is a Chinese asset proven via the Podesta Group.

Then we discussed the current state of clown world, antifa falling from buildings, the pending chaos around the Chauvin Floyd psyop. We all know another summer of “love” is about to happen thanks to George Soros and palls. The woke cult got ripped on hard for a bit.

The we discussed the Rona Plague. Many things discussed here from the Magic Wizard Potions Passports to the psyop of the entire situation. New symptoms such as yawning due to being sick of the propaganda have emerged. Bill Gates states himself that magic wizard potions due to genetic variation in the strains that emerge. Bibi Netanyahu stated the actual plan for 2 doses a year forever. Also mainstream media dropped the “carrot” if you will. Many more topics and fun were had, also the impending “next” plague was discussed which may be Ebola?

Lastly we discussed the horrific “cat trafficking” epidemic, from Jeffrey Epstein’s Ghislaine Maxwell being set to appear to the Southern Border “Imperialism” according to AOC.

Show Notes:

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