When You Use CBD Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Body ?

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When You Use CBD Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Body

Who are ReLeaf?
Thats a simple answer, A brand founded out of a need to improve my health, wellbeing and mindset. My name is Mark and I am the owner of ReLeaf.

I founded ReLeaf after my own experience with CBD and seeing the benefits it brought into my life.

I was struggling with my mental health as I hated my job and was struggling to switch off.

Many researchers pointed towards better sleep and being able to relax from CBD, I had spent a few years on prescription drugs such as Sertraline and Fluxotine but I was seeing no benefits.

So I began testing different suppliers and methods of taking CBD which I had been hearing great things about.

Within 1-2 weeks I had improved my sleep, had a more balanced mood throughout the day and increased focus… The list goes on!

But I also found the market and other products to be very inconsistent, some products would be more expensive so I assumed a higher quality. But I had no results from them what so ever, other products left me with nasty chemical tastes.

This created a true desire to create a top level CBD brand, where we only sell the best produce which has helped me to relax – as our saying goes ReLeaf in, Stress out.

I want others to see the same benefits from CBD that I have but without all of the hassle and inconstancies that I’ve dealt with over the past 4-5 years of research.

We have made a real community here in the ReLeaf Club and we would love you to become a part of it, we are constantly evolving as a brand and will do all we can to provide useful information and the best service we can for as long as we can.

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