Recipe: Cannabis Infused Limoncello Mojito

Sharing a delicious and refreshing summer time drink using The Green Baker infused limoncello. Make a single serving or make ahead for a few friends either way it is a great hot weather beverage. Inspired by the @makeityourownbyeverclear recipe on their website. Order your Bey-watch bundle to get a 4 oz infused limoncello. 🍋🍾🍹

1/2 lemon, juice
10-12 mint leaves
2 oz infused limoncello
2 oz white rum
4 oz brut sparkling wine

Squeeze half of the juice of a lemon into a tall Collins glass
Add mint leaves and muddled
Add rum and limoncello
Mix in a few ice cubes and stir mixture
Top with sparkling wine and garnish with lemon wheel

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