7.12.21#Yoga4OurElders #MondayChairYoga #BattleHardenedByLife #YogawithDre(with Adriene)

#Yoga4OurElders #MondayChairYoga #EveryDayWarrior #BattleHardenedByLife
#YogawithDre(with Adriene)
Resource-YouTube Channel-#YogaWithAdriene
Happy Monday, #myglobalfamily!!
Join us here at our brand-new time for Monday’s #ChairYoga4Elders!! I am ready to work on our mind, bodies, and spirits. It’s a brand-new day, new week, and new chance for opportunities. Can’t wait for our new adventures.
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Yoga Level-Beginner (Chair Only)
*Please note that all times are in the MOUNTAIN zone.
Mondays-#Yoga4OurElders #MondayChairYoga (12:30 PM Mountain)
#NIGHTTIME YOGA (Tuesdays-Thursdays 9 pm MOUNTAIN)
Tuesdays-#Yoga4Warriors #TuesdayYoga4Life
Wednesdays-No Yoga- #MeditationAsSelfLove #WednesdayTime4Me
Thursdays-#Yoga4OurMinds #ThursdayReset
No Yoga on Fridays and Weekends-Enjoy the time off.
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Yoga with Adriene Link for Today
Link- https://youtu.be/-Ts01MC2mIo
Disclaimer-These videos are educational resources as part of a doctoral vlogging and social media project and is NOT an exercise program by a fitness instructor. Please make sure to consult your physician before starting any exercise program or changing your diet.
I, Andrea Dre Abeita, have no training as a fitness or yoga instructor. These are educational videos only, meant to inspire hope and create community. I am just an Indigenous Warrior, who has kept off 110 pounds after being diabetic for 22+ years and having gastric bypass. I am sharing my daily workouts with you as we survive and thrive together. Please visit my website at abeitaconsulting.com. The international Abeita Consulting Group is an LLC. Love you all


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