Cannabis is essential: Mankind’s Functional Interface with the Natural Order

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Join Mandi Kerr and Paul J. Von Hartmann Cannabis Scholar at California Cannabis Ministry on this morning’s episode of Moving ^HEMP Forward.

Paul is the author of “Cannabis vs. Climate Change: How hot does Earth have to get before all solutions are considered?” He is a filmmaker documenting the Cannabis industry, culture in the US, Europe, Central America since 1991. Paul is also been an International freelance photojournalist since graduating from Humboldt State University in 1978; with a Special Major Degree in art, wildlife behavior & journalism; with a minor in aviation Single-engine airplane & Hang glider pilot. He founded Project PEACE – Planet Ecology Advancing Conscious Evolution/Economics/Energy.

For this morning we’ll talk about
1. Cannabis is essential, mankind’s functional interface with the Natural Order.
2. “Essential civilian demand”
3. “Time is the “limiting factor” in the equation of survival.”
4. Sequestering CO2 without replenishing atmospheric Aerosol Terpenes using Cannabis hemp will expose the surface of the planet to increasing levels of UVB radiation.
5. Terpene Credits, oxygen credits, and carbon sequestration Credits are just some of the market-leveling implements needed two overcome the “politicoeconomic inertia” of the Gaiacidal status quo.


0:00 Intro
1:07 Getting to know Paul Von Hartmann more
6:36 Talking about the science that he wrote
12:37 The Aha moment
19:01 The impact that cannabis can or has to achieve
20:50 Cannabinoid profile
24:44 The journey throughout this process
31:24 The volume to be looking for globally
39:32 The soil and the root structure
44:41 Studies around high levels of THC
48:42 Talking about his book and how to connect with him
54:25 Small models for off-grid homestead
58:56 The goal of GHA
1:00:25 End of conversation

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