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We got this great CBD product review from Zeinab Ramadan who thinks we have the best CBD oil, and thought we would share it with you. Sugar and Kush CBD oils, gummies, baked goods and bath bombs are all made to be healthy and delicious.

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Hello guys, welcome back to my channel. This brand is called Sugar and Kush and this is what they look like. Love the packaging honestly. this website they sell gummies, cookies and of course CBD oils. I think this is the first website that I see with this much variety which I really love. The different types of CBD products depends on how do you like it to consume your CBD. Sugar and Kush, they make sure it’s affordable. I got this one so this is orange Creamsicle CBD oil. I really like it and with one serving, there’s 16 mg of CBD and a whole bottle is 500 mg of CBD. There’s other bottles with CBD 1000mg and CBD 3000mg. You can either put it in your food which is really cool because they have a CBD recipes page too. You should definitely check that out. Everything on the website is lab tested, even the cookies and the gummies. And not only that, but they actually put the lab CBD reports online so not only are they allowing you to see what ingredients are in their products but you get to see it as well. So, if you go onto the website they have an area, Lab Reports, click on it and then once you click on it it shows you the actual report that was done and you can see exactly what is in it. Which is just 100% CBD isolate. Right here they show there’s no THC here or anything. Which means this is not a product that you can get high off of. This is not a mind altering product or anything like that I should say. But it shows you that they do test to make sure that all the products are consistent and the experience with it. This is the hazelnut CBD oil right here. I have not used it and I’m really excited. I think this one will be really fun to cook with honestly because it is hazelnut flavor that these flavors are really good. They are using non-GMO, hundred percent CBD and no pesticides. Really I use it because I trust it to be consistent. You guys have to try the cookies I actually love the chocolate chips. It is only 60 calories so you don’t have to worry about how much calories a cookie has. They made sure that it’s overall pretty healthy as well. And the cookies it comes with a total of 100 mg CBD but each cookie is 12.5 mg and finally is the CBD gummies. The CBD gummy bears are really nice and convenient. Each gummy has 25 mg of CBD in it. Try it out and see what works for you. If you guys know me I love CBD bath bombs I talk about them all the time. And they’re just overall really hydrating for your skin.

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