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What Are the Benefits of Consuming Psilocybin Mushrooms This Way?

Ah, shroom gummies. The new infused-treat taking over the underground.  Throughout most of North America, you can walk into any legal hemp store or adult-use dispensary and snag a bag of tasty cannabis-infused gummies. But if you’re willing to do a bit of online sleuthing, you can also score yourself a wide variety of not-quite-legal […]

USPS Is Telling Hemp and CBD Vape Businesses to Get Ready for Mailing Restrictions

Image via The planet’s air may well contain higher than average levels of THC due to 4/20 celebrations, but let’s not forget that cannabis is far from out of the woods when it comes to arbitrary government surveillance. On Monday, the US Postal Service published a notice stating that people can’t use its services to […]

Caliva Makes Getting Your Favorite Cannabis Products Delivered to Your Doorstep as Easy as 1, 2, 3

When you order something online, do you find yourself clicking the tracking number at least once an hour? Are you clocking the delivery persons every move as their digital car moves along the map? Don’t you wish there was a reliable delivery service that not only made ordering your products super easy, but also reassured […]

These Brands Are Making the Best Delta-8 THC Products on the Market

Image via Everyone has limits. Some people have sky-high tolerances. Others stop after a single gummy. Does any of this sound familiar to you?  Delta-9 THC is the cannabis compound known for getting us lifted. CBD can promote general wellness, but it lacks delta-9’s heady effects. What if another compound offered an experience right in […]

Geummy Lee and Zoe Young Are the Brilliant Women Behind Leaf Gift Subscription Box

Back in 2015, Marijuana Business Daily reported that 36 percent of all C-Suite positions in the cannabis and hemp industries were occupied by women. That put the barely-legal space in the lead for most female ownership, which typically averages under 25 percent across traditional business fields. But by 2018, that number dropped to 27 percent. […]