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Here Are the Top 10 Hemp Brands on the Market Right Now

Everyone should know that hemp can be used for everything. It can be made into paper, rope, textiles, cement, shoes, insulation, food, bioplastics, and renewable energy. Hemp has the potential to considerably shrink our carbon footprint by cleaning soil, encouraging regenerative agriculture, and converting atmospheric carbon dioxide into clean energy. But, that’s not all it […]

MERRY JANE’s Second Episode of “What’s in the Box” Was the Internet’s Sexiest Smoke Out

Yesterday at 4:20 pm PT the team at MERRY JANE finessed an iconic virtual smoke sesh between adult film actress Bridgette B and legendary drag queen Laganja Estranja for the second episode of our latest Instagram Live series, “What’s in the Box.”   In collaboration with ZigZag, we sent Laganja, the host of our new […]

Medical Cannabis Patient Charged with Possession for Having Pot on Federal Land

Image via Here’s a sobering reminder of the stupid times we live in: Even if your state has legalized medical marijuana and you are a licensed patient in that region, you can still get busted for possession if you bring your doctor-prescribed medicine onto federally-owned land because cannabis is still (some how) federally illegal. This […]

How Much Is an Eighth of Weed?

In the business of buying and selling weed, a few measurements rule the marijuana marketplace: a “gram”, a “quarter”, a “half”, and the ever-popular “eighth of weed.”  Pot purchasers unfamiliar with those actual mathematical breakdowns may very well just think, “A gram is just a little bit of bud; an eighth of weed is a […]