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Stoner Girl Hydration Hacks – HeyHelloHigh

Did you know that 60% of the adult human body is made up of water?* My mother always used to say “if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated”. Is that true? Not sure, but I do know that smoking undoubtedly dehydrates your lips, skin, body etc. With the weather heating up here on the […]

Flower vs Concentrate: I Put One CBD Brand to The Ultimate Test – HeyHelloHigh

Joints vs blunts. Bong vs pipe. Indica vs sativa. Blaze in the mountains of Colorado vs burn one down on the beach in California. For womxn that love weed, the world is full of some real tough this or that decisions. But the good news is, we have ~choices~. When it comes to consuming cannabis, […]

Catch some quality ZZZs with this stoner girl CBD sleep routine – HeyHelloHigh

It’s no secret that quality sleep is the foundation for feeling your best every day. But why is getting a solid night sleep such a struggle? I’m not a medical expert by any means, but in my personal experience, I’ve narrowed it down to a few factors. First and foremost is STRESS and anxiety. I […]