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10 Affordable Neon-Inspired Lights to Elevate Your Chic Smoke Spot – HeyHelloHigh

Let’s talk about mood lighting, babes. There’s something so powerful about setting the mood with lamps, candles, string lights and neon. It instantly elevates a space, and puts you in a mindset that’s so far from that bright office light that you can’t help but relax. Lately I’ve been thinking about ways to elevate my […]

10 Examples of Elevated Stoner Girl Wall Art (…These Posters Don’t Need a Blacklight to Look Great) – HeyHelloHigh

When someone says “stoner poster,” what comes to mind? If you went to college in the 90s-00s, some specific imagery probably pops up. Let me guess… Are you thinking of something with a lot of neon, psychedelic patterns, that is fuzzy and glows under UV light? Was it purchased at Spencer’s Gifts? Does it look […]

This $9.99 Organizer from Amazon is the Ultimate Stoner Girl Stash Hack – HeyHelloHigh

Are all your pretty stoner girl supplies stuffed into a bland stashbox somewhere? Then this post is for YOU! I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m definitely a type A stoner. I like my glass clean, my pens stored upright and my grinders separated into Indica and Sativa. But sometimes, things are just […]