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Flower vs Concentrate: I Put One CBD Brand to The Ultimate Test – HeyHelloHigh

Joints vs blunts. Bong vs pipe. Indica vs sativa. Blaze in the mountains of Colorado vs burn one down on the beach in California. For womxn that love weed, the world is full of some real tough this or that decisions. But the good news is, we have ~choices~. When it comes to consuming cannabis, […]

50+ Black Cannabis and CBD Entrepreneurs to Support Now (and Always) – HeyHelloHigh

Looking to take some tangible action to support the Black community? Start by being a conscious consumer, and buying from Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Spending your hard-earned cash with Black businesses is one of the most sustainable and direct ways to take action. Especially in the Cannabis industry, where we have a long way to […]

Stoner Girl Gift Guide | HOLIDAY 2019 – HeyHelloHigh

December is here and it is officially the holiday season. Looking for a unique gift for the stoner girl in your life? Look no further than the HeyHelloHigh 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! We’ve got it all, something for your mother, your sister, your BFF or even if you’re looking to do a little self-care shopping! […]

Top 5 affordable gifts for the stoner girl Valentine in your life (all under $15!) – HeyHelloHigh

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick. Want to spoil your cannababe BFF, stoner girlfriend or just treat your mom / sister / co-worker / hairdresser / damn self, without spending a fortune? 💸 We’ve round-up our top 5 super-affordable gifts to give this year. They all clock in at under $15, and have a ton […]

Catch some quality ZZZs with this stoner girl CBD sleep routine – HeyHelloHigh

It’s no secret that quality sleep is the foundation for feeling your best every day. But why is getting a solid night sleep such a struggle? I’m not a medical expert by any means, but in my personal experience, I’ve narrowed it down to a few factors. First and foremost is STRESS and anxiety. I […]

This $9.99 Organizer from Amazon is the Ultimate Stoner Girl Stash Hack – HeyHelloHigh

Are all your pretty stoner girl supplies stuffed into a bland stashbox somewhere? Then this post is for YOU! I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m definitely a type A stoner. I like my glass clean, my pens stored upright and my grinders separated into Indica and Sativa. But sometimes, things are just […]