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Congress Takes Issue with the (Awful) DEA Hemp Rule

The hemp industry is not the only one that’s pushing back against the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)’s hemp Interim Final Rule (the “Rule”). If you read this blog, you’ll recall the hemp industry sued the DEA following the release of its Rule in August 2020. The Rule threatens the hemp industry because it wrongfully criminalizes […]

Cannabis Litigation: What is My Marijuana Dispensary Worth?

As legal marijuana markets have matured in Washington, Oregon, California and elsewhere, so too have the kinds of legal disputes involving marijuana businesses. Increasingly common are legal disputes between owners of a marijuana business that involve allegations of financial malfeasance, breach of fiduciary duty, freeze-outs, fraud, and other claims common to business litigation outside of […]

Oregon Psilocybin: Does Measure 109 Go Far Enough? Does it Go Too Far?

We are on record here at the law firm in support of Measure 109. We have friends and colleagues who have worked on the campaign and clients who have written checks, large and small. Legal psilocybin in Oregon? We like the sound of that. But do we unconditionally and unapologetically love the ballot measure? No, […]

Cannabis Company Basics: Compliance is Key

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the lawsuit filed by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) against Vertical Bliss, Inc., a company which the BCC alleged had manufactured cannabis products and sold them unlawfully in the illicit market. The BCC is seeking mind-blowingly high civil penalties against Vertical Bliss based on these allegations. […]

New Jersey Cannabis Legalization Guide (Public Question 1)

  This November cannabis legalization initiatives will appear on the ballots of five states: Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. Every Sunday through November 1, Canna Law Blog will publish a post centered on one of these state ballot initiatives and the current laws surrounding cannabis in that state. So far, we have […]

¿Emprendimientos de Cáñamo Industrial en México? ¡Comienca Ya!

Como hemos venido informándoles en este blog, la legalización de la cannabis está en proceso aquí en México. Una iniciativa de “Ley para la Regulación del Cannabis” (en adelante, “Ley de la Cannabis”) se encuentra ya en discusión por el Congreso de la Unión al tiempo de escribir estas líneas, misma que será acompañada de […]

The Challenge to Watch: Sisley, et al. v. DEA

With the evolution of the United States’ relationship with cannabis over recent decades, numerous parties have petitioned the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) to reschedule marijuana. As we all know, the DEA has routinely refused to accept or denied each and every petition, minus one that yielded very specific changes for a synthetic cannabis drug. […]

Argentine Cannabis: Legalization Coming Soon?

On November 4, citizens in five U.S. states could wake up to newly-approved measures to legalize recreational or medical cannabis. It appears November could also be a big month for Argentina, with reports indicating that a bill to legalize recreational marijuana use will be introduced next month in Argentina’s Congress. The bill is being drafted […]

Don’t Hold Your Breath for Federal Cannabis Legalization

Earlier this month, Vermont became the most recent state to legalize recreational cannabis. In the 2020 elections, cannabis legalization initiatives will appear on the ballots in Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota (we’ll be doing a weekly series on these states each Sunday leading up to the election, and you can read about […]