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**J&K DISTRO** Delta 8 💥 Alcatraz OG & 🍓S.Berry Daiquiri Dabs💥 Double Delta 8 Review

Welcome Back! This review contains the unboxing from JK Distro…, an in-depth Delta 8 strain review of 🔥 Alcatraz OG & Strawberry Daiquiri Dabs🤯🔥 Stay Safe & Stay Up 🤙 💥*Use Promo Code “RUTHLESS” at checkout to save 20%💥 JK Distro on IG: @jkdistribution_ne My Twitch: Follow me on IG: @TheRogerBear Intro Song: […]

Wake&Bake – Natural Selection [Melting Pot Records]

Label: Melting Pot Records Release date: 11 May 2021 💿Buy: ↪ 💣Follow Wake&Bake: ↪Facebook: ↪Soundcloud: 💣Follow Melting Pot Records: ↪Twitter: ↪Soundcloud: 💣Follow NeuroDNB: Twitch LIVE: 📞Submissions: ↪Reddit: ↪Soundcloud: ↪Facebook: ↪Twitter: ↪VK : 💣Follow Design of channel ↪ I do not claim to […]

I ate weed-infused fried chicken and doughnuts and was shocked the cannabis didn't ruin the flavor

Jae Lee, chef and owner of Nowon, told Insider he thinks incorporating THC into menus will become more common as sales become legal. Rather than waiting to follow in others’ footsteps, he wanted to lead the way.”I wanted to start this movement,” Lee said. “I wanted to do it because I really […] source